Hilary Carlile

Counselling Flower Essence Therapist

How she arrived here

Hilary views life as a “passionate adventure”. She always has some adventure on the go – it can be big or small.  Each adventure covers new territory with new skills to learn. She can be the team member or the leader.

At a time in her life when she thought there must be more to life than the hectic life of a change manager & project manager Hilary had a change in direction or more accurately a return to her life path.

She witnessed the disappearance of her husband’s chronic long term back pain using the WholeHealthcare™ modality of BodyTalk! This started her adventure to become a healer. She established her successful holistic health & wellbeing practise in 2006, bringing to this her business experience and knowledge of the health sector.

Hilary discovered the magic and effectiveness of the First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® and working with nature’s healing matrix® in 2009. They combined her love of the New Zealand bush and effective healing. They have become the basis of her practice today.

Hilary is a First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® Registered Practitioner and a NZNFE Diploma holder. She has gained her Medicine Woman Certificate in Healers Studies© and Shamanic Studies©.

Her soul Journey

When she started this journey she had no idea that she was actually embarking on her own spiritual journey – she did not even know that she had a soul let alone one that would take her on this amazing adventure called “this life”. A soul that nurtured her and presented challenges that might stretch her, but never giving her more than she could handle. This has enabled her soul to learn and grow which is what every soul is here to do. Her journey has been transformational as she has uncovered the teachings and wisdom in each of the tools that she uses.

Her focus as a Counselling Flower Essence Therapist

Her focus now is to connect people to their soul journey and support them with the First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand®.
As she travels deeper into her own spiritual journey she is able to bring greater insights and tools that will support her clients in understanding their journey.

Hilary’s background

Hilary’s background is a major contributor to her body of knowledge and professionalism. She has worked in the healthcare and information technology sectors in New Zealand, as a professional project manager, change manager, coach and mentor. The areas she has worked in include breast screening, oral health, mental health & addiction, aged care, palliative care and health IT.

The health field is no stranger to Hilary. She grew up in a health-orientated household in England; her father was a general practitioner doctor and her mother, a New Zealander, a clinical psychologist. As a family, they had many debates over the effectiveness of the healthcare provided under the National Health Service.