Climbing my Mountain

September 13, 2017

Last December two weeks after my mother’s funeral, I was heading off to Nepal with my cousins. Instead I ended up in Auckland Hospital to have a large cancerous mass removed from my gut. The Gods were on my side and I had an amazing support team. Miraculously it had not spread so “no further treatment required!”
After the initial shock I saw this was a rite of passage and that as long as I went with it and did not fight it I would be supported. This gave me a great sense of freedom – there was no need to dwell on the “why me or, why now” story.

I chose to close my practice for 6 months to enable my healing to occur at all levels: body, mind and spirit. It took all of the six months and gradually I started to be more active and to make changes in my life.

The big lesson for me, was that I could not do this on my own. I had to seek support and help. An adventure of this magnitude is a team effort. In climbing a mountain one or two make up the summiting party but it requires a large team all contributing their skills and wisdom to support the summiteers.

I had a great team. Key contributors were Roger, my brother and family, BodyTalk and the First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand®.

I had some amazing BodyTalk sessions that helped my gut to work in its new configuration. It had to learn new skills and the microbiome had to be realigned. The sessions boosted my cancer fighting weapons and also removed some environmental and inherited propensity to abnormal cell division.

At a metaphysical level the flower essences and the associated mentoring enabled me to understand the bigger picture of my soul journey and to move on in an appropriate and timely way. My tendency is to push on despite what my body and soul might be telling me.

My focus now, is on realigning my chakras which were all impacted by the abdominal surgery.

I am feeling healthy. I am in my new standing place with different and stronger foundations. I am ready to open up my practice and support you on your journey.