My Clinic

September 12, 2017

My focus of “connecting you to the adventure of your soul journey” is still central to my work with you.

I have an invitation for you.

Join me in a seven month journey as together we realign our chakras. Imagine the energetic synergy as we do this together.

Each month we will work with one of the seven chakras.

The programme starts with a 45 min consult. Then each month there will be a 20-30 min check in and preparation for the next month either in person, by phone or skype. You will receive a journal to write up your journey. Each month you will receive a bottle of essences, a monthly focus and affirmation, an indication of optimal functioning for each chakra and the impact of being out of balance.

This programme will start on the September 20th, or the October 20th New Moon. The new moon is a time for new beginnings and opportunities.
The initial 45min consult is $120 and the check-ins are $90. These prices include the essences and New Zealand postage.

Please register by booking your initial consult at before the 20th September so we can all start together. I realise time is short but let’s be in action. I am.
BodyTalk is still a core aspect of what I do although sometimes a soul just wants essences! I have trained in and used Body Ecology and most excitingly Epigenetics. These two areas really resonate with me as often allopathic medicine and other modalities struggle to effect the necessary changes.  These often come up in my sessions now.

Book your session at . If there is not a suitable time please email me.

Looking forward to continuing this amazing journey with you called “our life”.

On a lighter note. THE ASCENT OF RUM DOODLE – W.E. Bowman – Max Parrish, London is a parody of Himalayan Adventures. There is plenty to learn from this fun book on how to have an adventure and climb your own mountain. Enjoy.