HC Coaching and Mentoring. Porters carrying supplies to Khumbu
Porters carrying supplies to Khumbu

HC Coaching - mentoring---Getting the planning right to succeed
Getting the planning right to succeed

Project Management is an easy-to-use roadmap for managing all types of projects. Projects are very different to the day to day operations of running of a business or other activities. A project is unique, involves change and ultimately comes to an end.

Whether you or a team are planning an overseas trip, a house renovation project or implementing a business project the project management approach can help you avoid typical problems and pitfalls.

Hilary uses a standard methodology based on the Project Management Institute and her training in Team, Management and Leadership.


The benefits of this approach are:

  • Increase the number of projects you can manage and you can complete
  • Increase the quality of the outcomes
  • Sets correct expectations for project and engages the right people for success
  • Prevents cost overruns, or at least identifies when this may happen
  • Enables you and others to deliver to agreed timelines
  • Reduces opportunity for scope creep and risks
  • Significantly improves communication between stakeholders and project teams
  • Builds on experience
  • And ultimately reduces the number of projects that fail.


She does this by using a repeatable process to manage the key variables of time, cost, and scope within a project. By following this approach and successfully managing these variables you can be successful at managing projects.


Sometimes it is hard to get started on the right track – Hilary will coach you through the process.